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Sustainability & Heritage

Sustainability & Heritage are two areas which go closely hand in hand.  New sustainability techniques are regularly a modern take on a past system.
Taking on a historic building can be a challenging experience and doing it right without destroying its character is a tricky activity. 

Try your hand at one of the events linked and see if a whole new world of technology is opened up to you.

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)

SPAB is a Heritage based organisation who aim to repair and protect ancient buildings and their character for the next generation; but don't be lead to think that this is a boring old society, SPABs approach is learning and enjoyment, that every event should be as much fun as it is educational.  Some of the most truly nice people I've ever met are members of SPAB's.

So what do they offer:  Practical courses on building technology from historic wall paper to lime mortars, if you what to know more about traditional timber frames, then look up their historical masterclasses and delve deep into history and see how the kings carpenters did it and why with a visit to The Royal Palaces.  

SPAB events are the same price for all, if a member or not.

The Institute for Historical Building Conservation (IHBC)
The IHBC is another heritage organisation but a little more for the grownup or more deeply professional engineer.  Their web site has a great range of courses and events advertised with links to guides on how to utilise building materials in the historic environment.

So what do they offer:  They offer as already mentioned a great range of events but their events page takes a little getting use to; make sure you use the calendar to the left, it opens up a greater spread of courses over the year and not just the head line events.  They also have a online tool kit which helps you find the best and most correct guidance for any modern heritage project, which is very useful.  Lastly for you who need more guidance on what counts as CPD, see their guide here.

Fees dependant on event provider.

Historic England

Who are they: Historic England are a key organisation in the preservation of our nations historic environment while maintaining a large number of castles and listed buildings.  Their employees and records hold a wealth of knowledge in regards the technical areas involved in heritage projects and are working in partnerships with the construction community in sharing that knowledge with the wider industry. 

So what do they offer: Via their education page you can find a number of courses, events and opportunities to work with them on needing projects.  

See website for fees
The National Trust
The national trust has been around for over a century and is one of the leading organisations in reutilising historic buildings and the maintenance required to enable it.  They have a great deal of knowledge and over the last year have been building partnerships to share it.  The national trust is also a leader in crating sustainable buildings in heritage environments and is pioneering bio fuel use across its portfolio.

So what do they have to offer: well first and for most its a great venue to learn and develop your engineering knowledge while giving the family a fun day out.  Most of their CPD events are conduct via the Environmental study center or via the CIOB's events page.

Same fee for all

Other training groups you may like to look over
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Moisture in dwellings
The BSI in partnership with STBA and STAB have produced a great read on how moisture works within traditional and modern structures. The link below is a free download to the article on how the growing moisture issues can be addressed.

We are always looking to expand our range of articles, so if there is anything you would like to know more about please drop the editor a email on the contact form below.

In the upcoming months we are looking to at articles about Carbon offsetting and Cob house building, so keep an eye out for our updates.

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