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with the update of BS 5975 in 2019. Does the Corps of Royal Engineers need to change their methods for managing temporary works

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Andy Dodson
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Certainly in Kenya back in 2011/2012 there seemed to be a lack of willingness to invest in suitable quantities of scaffolding to allow for timely completion of work and it took quite a lot of effort to get the purchase signed off.  When overall project cost estimates are being put together for large MCF delivered projects there does need to be allowance for such things, rather than relying on theatre holdings which may be inadequate or inappropriate for the task in question.  This is of particular importance for shorter duration JFEEs where significant amounts of concurrent activity across multiple sites are a key feature.

Admittedly I have been out for several years now so I don't know what training is delivered for scaffolding inspection for Clk Wks (C) but if the expectation that the Clk Wks (C) is going to be the authority on scaffolding inspection then I would suggest that they should be put through CISRS courses or similar so that they hold the appropriate civilian qualification.

What training is given to the technical roster and other members of the project team for temporary works?  There aren't a huge amount of PQEs within the Corps, particularly at sub-unit level.  Is it the responsibility of the MCF to produce temporary works designs and they are then signed off by an appropriate individual within the MDA, depending on the risk category? 

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